The plan…and some puffs


So after all the excitement of starting my blog and uploading my very first post, the next day I actually sat down to think about the mechanics of what I’ve set myself to do. Being home sick has its benefits, I guess. I also baked some choux puffs…talk about being productive! Though the puffs could’ve been better. The first time I made them a few months ago they turned out much puffier and rounder. I’m definitely investing in some piping bags for next time!

Anyway, I’ve devised a plan for the first round of bakes. I’m not sure when I will be able to start officially (these puffs don’t count, they’re just a warm-up), but when I do, I’ll begin with the UK and work my way backwards.

The first taste I ever had of British fare, was a pasty from one of those kiosks in Victoria Station. A steak and ale pasty, I believe (at the time, I just chose the most foreign-sounding filling). I know it’s savoury, but I love anything tasty and it doesn’t have to be sweet to be baked! I probably won’t recreate it exactly, but an English-style pasty is a good start. And if I play around with flavors I could hit two birds with one shot since back home in Honduras we have empanadas, which are basically pasties.

Following the UK, will be the land of fondue and watches, Switzerland. When I lived in Morges, the tiniest town next to the lake, I used to get brioche buns from the fancy supermarket’s bakery section as a complement to my lunch. I know brioche is French; it’s one of those things like when flatmates share the same fridge. There’s bound to be some food-sharing at some point. Anyway, I discovered brioche in Switzerland and fell in love with it there,so brioche for round one from Switzerland.

Next, will be the Netherlands with poffertjes. Mini pancakes! Trust the Dutch to come up with a great way to have your pancakes: in tiny morsels you can devour with almost no mess (unless you send icing sugar flying everywhere while you eat them). I don’t own a poffertjepan and I don’t think many people outside the Netherlands own one. But by this time I should have my own piping bags to make life easier and, hopefully, the end result will resemble poffertjes.

I’m leaving Honduras for the very end of round one since I’m really looking forward to trying my favorite Taiwanese treats. First of will be pineapple cake (鳳梨酥), considered by many to be the national pastry. I really hope I don’t mess this one up; I’d love to go back to Taiwan without feeling embarrassed. .

And finally, from my home country, where people just need a sweet bread to dunk in their coffee, semitas, a popular choice for coffee-dunking. They’re very sweet and tasty, definitely not something to have while on a diet (they’re made with both butter AND lard…oops).

I’m quite stoked about this project; there are so many things I want to learn and I just can’t wait until March for the course to begin. Trial and error are good teachers. And if in doubt, there’s always Youtube.


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