A turning point

At the age of 26, I’ve had five homes. Five places strewn around the globe in the most random combination possible: Honduras, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK (where I currently live). Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have ever dreamed it; a teenager in Honduras, I had but a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve. Honduras is a small country with a big soul, but wounded. No space for dreams in Honduras. At least,not yet.

I left Honduras when I was 17 to study in Taiwan (a tiny country with almost three times the population of my home country). Taiwan was fun and definitely one of the best places on earth. Thanks to Taiwan I experienced loads of things that, till then, had not been part of my reality. I also had to overcome a bubble tea addiction.

Taiwanese moon cake

Fast forward five years and a brief interlude in Honduras, I found myself in the Netherlands doing a one-year master’s. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as stressful as I had thought it would be,mainly because the Dutch know how to wind down. How can you not, with all the cycling, the biertjes, and frituur? Although it’s the Belgians who make the best fries, with the best sauce of all, the andalouse…but I digress.

Belgian beers

Almost immediately after finishing the master’s, I moved to a small town on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. I loved Switzerland, with all its natural beauty, relaxed atmosphere, and the opportunity to learn French properly. Dommage, I had to leave after a year to pursue job opportunities, which is how I landed in London, a full year before Brexit. Good timing, eh?

I have now broken the one-year residence cycle. London is not a bad place to be, even if it is expensive. Something else I’ve broken is the career path I had set for myself, albeit with very little planning. After eight years of dabbling in psychology, I’ve decided to pursue patisserie as my career of choice. This blog will be my companion, my sidekick, my Patronus. As I move forward from here, I wish to be able to look back on the good years I’ve had. Food always plays to our memories and brings them back almost faithfully. So I want to document my memories of five homes, five amazing places, and most importantly, five sources of sweet tidbits.

View of St. Paul’s from Millennium Bridge

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